The SciFi and Fantasy Network

Geek culture and Fandom site to which Steampunk India is a contributing writer.


Shweta Narayan

Writer of Indian Steampunk, poet and all round globe-trotter


Beyond Victoriana

The first truly dedicated initiative to bring the Multicultural aspect to the Steampunk movement


Multiculturalism for Steampunk

The Steamerstrunk Blog, run by Miss Kagashi


Model Mayhem

Ravina Rapture, unique alternative Indian model, to be featured in future galleries


Sunday Driver

Fusion band with Steampunk elements, not to mention lovely Indian singer Chandrika Nath!


Clockwork Watch

The all-inclusive, visionary trans-media project, which features a rare Indian storyline.


The Traveler's Steampunk Log

A featured interview with Suna Dasi at

Steampunk India: The Interview


Wonderful creators of Steampunk leather goods, as featured in the Steampunk India gallery and the upcoming Syren video 'Escape This'


 Airship Ambassador

A great resource site for all things Steampunk, run by a true gentleman


Torag Designs

Ferociously talented Lubi Lykan works with Harris Tweed for exceptional Steampunk designs, as used in the upcoming Erin Bennett video, 'Escape This', featuring Suna Dasi on backing vocals:

Erin Bennett is Texan singer/songwriter.

Indie Film and Video Production Company.

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